Welcome to the Wiki for Video Interaction Guidance

What is a wiki?

A wiki is a website that has members who are able to help create it by adding content of any compatible type. Its members can also edit existing pages to improve them.

What is vigknowledge?

It is a wiki which contains the assembled knowledge about video interaction guidance. It has been created by members of AVIGuk. It is open to the public to view and download anything that catches their interest. Anyone can also leave comments about any of the papers or topics.

What can I find on the wiki?

At this stage, most of the content consists of papers on research and practice which have been collected by members over a number of years and which now have a permanent home on the wiki. Click on the 'pages and files' link on the left. The wiki has powerful search functions. The 'tags' relate to the overall content of the page or document. The search box finds every incidence of a word, even inside most documents.

How can I contribute?

In this first stage, articles and papers have been uploaded and tagged. If you have any relevant papers, send them to us for uploading. Also, if you find errors or omissions in the papers or the tagging, please inform us. You can also start a discussion on any of the pages or papers.
In the next stage we would like members of AVIGuk to become involved in editing pages for the wiki covering topics of interest to readers. If you would like to contribute in this way, please let us know.


Any information, comments or requests, send to research

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