Possible public health measures, some initial ideas:
by Robin Balbernie

This page is an edited extract from a paper written by Robin Balbernie on assessment and evaluation measures / tools that can be used in early intervention services. See the full paper here. Robin divides all the tools he describes into nine areas of which possible public health measures is the eighth, each of the nine areas has a separate page on this wiki, links to all nine areas are available on an overview page.)

1. Increased of family connections or some sort of involvement with their local community.
Return to work or education as a result of improved parental self confidence or well-being.
3. Better / safer / more child-oriented home environment.
4. Fewer infant / child medical emergencies or brushes with A&E.
5. Fewer child injuries (accidental or not).
6. A reduction in maltreatment (all forms of abuse and neglect), and so less children involved with child protection services.
7. An improvement in school readiness down the line.
8. Reduction of domestic violence, or less children exposed.
9. Less closely spaced pregnancies.
10. Reduction in youth crime – eventually!
11. Improvement in employment for parents.
12. Less closely spaced pregnancies.
13. Reduction in obesity (which has been linked to poor attachment). The question is how can these be recorded without some sort of tracking and
follow-up system? This approach might be complicated and relatively expensive for a small organization to implement.