Parent feedback at end of contact
by Robin Balbernie

This page is an edited extract from a paper written by Robin Balbernie on assessment and evaluation measures / tools that can be used in early intervention services. See the full paper here. Robin divides all the tools he describes into nine areas of which parent feedback is the ninth, each of the nine areas has a separate page on this wiki, links to all nine areas are available on an overview page.)

1) PIP UK has developed a parent-completed evaluation form that can be scored as well as having space for free format comments. Copy available on
2) The Family and Provider/Teacher Relationship Quality measures have been validated and are very thorough; these could easily be adapted to an
infant mental health team’s needs, or any other form of early intervention including (especially ) children’s centres. There is a long and short version of
the Parent measure, with accompanying scoring sheets. See for further details the website: